Holiday Angels celebration grants wishes to children of students

Share: Associated Students (AS) is giving back to children of student parents this holiday season through their Holiday Angels benefit. The Holiday Angels tree, located in the Office of Student Life, boasts 100 cards with wishes on them from the children of students in PCC’s EOP&S, CALWORKS and PASS programs. There are three gift wishes on each card, along with the child’s first name, age and gender. All wishes are items between $10 and $25. The gift requests range from warm clothes and learning activities …

To leave the nest or not?

An 18th birthday is supposed to be one of the major milestones in a young person’s life.
The 18th birthday grants many new rights and responsibilities. At 18, a person can own property, apply for military service, serve on a jury, purchase tobacco and pornography, and drive unrestricted in most states.
But the 18th birthday can also be a source of anxiety for some, as they are expected to embrace the title of adulthood that has suddenly been dropped into their laps.