TMZ is wrong again: Kim isn’t dead

Share: 2020 has been TMZ’s year when it comes to breaking news. Unfortunately, it’s not the good kind as one of their biggest stories of this year has been proven false. They were the first to report on the tragic helicopter crash that led to the sudden death of nine individuals, including Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and his 14 year old daughter, Gigi, which led to TMZ catching flack for their hasty publishing of the piece.    The tabloid agency broke news again on …

Nepotism now Trumps democracy

Share: Donald Trump’s penchant for nepotism calls to mind the very monarchy we forged this nation to escape, discredits the United States in the eyes of the rest of the world and threatens our democracy as we know it by entrusting individuals lacking security clearance, knowledge, and experience with our nation’s secrets. Follow:

Political Dissident: Otto Warmbier happens every day in the US

Share: It’s been heavily implied that Otto Warmbier was killed by North Korea for stealing a sign. Comments about how barbaric and cruel North Korea is have flooded social media; condemnations about how a man shouldn’t have been given a death sentence for stealing and how regimes like North Korea go against U.S. values are in huge supply. While what happened to Warmbier was a terrible tragedy, I can’t help but notice the hypocritical tone and rhetoric surrounding his treatment and death. Follow: