Laufey sets new standard for modern jazz

A mixture of classical to contemporary, Laufey brings heartfelt authenticity to modern music. Laufey, an Icelandic-Chinese singer-songwriter and composer, strays away from the typical pop sound. Her music feels like a mixture of Chet Baker and a beautiful lullaby that is filled with comfort and love. My first recommendation is “Magnolia”, a song that is an ode to a beautiful person who still finds insecurities about themselves and longs for another Magnolia cycle that plays with the concept of not being good enough for yourself. …

It takes three to solo

The guys dressed up in blazers and the women put on their nice dresses. Then they waited patiently as the stage remained silent with nothing but a chair and a footstool on it. The guitarist stepped out onto stage from the side door and everyone applauded. A classy night out on the town might not be something you’d go to a college campus looking for, but Pasadena City College has quite a bit to offer when it comes to evenings out.