Academic Senate Board Meeting: 10/22/18

There was a motion on the floor to move J3 and create an item under F for more discussion. It was seconded by Beville and Adjunct Faculty. The motion was approved. FA Report: There is a general meeting tomorrow at noon, lunch will be provided. Adjunct Faculty Report: Adjust Faculty had a meeting. They are still in process of conducting and collecting a survey. Classified Senate Report: The Classified Senate approved AP7160 for Professional Development. They are working with the Professional Development Subcommittee to streamline …

Academic Senate to support the lancer pantry

Special guest Vice President Dr. Terry Giugni presented a “vision for success” and a new “student-centered funding formula” for Pasadena City College. Highlights include increasing the number of degrees and certificates, increasing transfers to both UC and CSU institutions, decreasing the average number of units to earn an associates degree, as well as reducing equity and achievement gaps for students of all demographics. Funding would be based on enrollments and school sites, supplemental allocations (counts of low-income students), and the success of students attending PCC.