One last lap: Cross-country runner says this might be it

Meline Minasian was a former junior Olympian and one of three PCC cross-country runners chosen for state last year. A track and field star, swimmer, bicyclist and just an overall athlete, Minasian’s hard work ethic and can-do attitude make up someone whose talent could take her to the professional level. But with COVID-19 impacting her second season, Minasian says she may never compete again, and that’s OK with her.

Runners concerned about injuries in overlapping seasons

Cross-country is tentatively having its first meet in February and its last meet in April. April is set to be the start for the track and field season. This means the cross-country season will overlap into the beginning of the track season, according to Head Coach Innocent Egbunike in an email. “We are hoping that with the way we train the athletes, we will not have any injuries,” said Egbunike. “But if we do, we have very capable athletic trainers that will help keep our …