Poet Luivette Resto: ‘My existence right now is a political expression’

Share: Laughter from the audience mixed in with the soothing voice of poet Luivette Resto. Her words, at times angry and biting, like when she reads a poem about an idiotic coworker, capture the audience more than once.  Standing at a podium, Resto presents her thoughts in an organized anecdotal manner that speak to an audience that ranged in age while also sprinkling her poems in between. Follow:

‘Planting Memories of Our Roots’: PCC honors indigenous culture

Share: A group of ten people, clad in nuts and feathers and some in traditional Native garments and headbands dance in a circle while low drums guide their beat. Their ankles, strapped with rows and rows of nut shells, match the beat of their steps and add to the sounds of the flutes to come together as they perform four different choreographed indigenous dances. Follow:

Slutwalk: No means no, Kava-nah

Share: Where usual constant traffic ensues, not a car is in sight on Saturday October 6th. Instead, as far as the eye can see scantily clad (and some fully clothed) bodies and protest signs line the sidewalks of downtown Los Angeles. Crowds begin their march at First Street and Hill and loudly make their way to Pershing Square, a quick half mile march in which hundreds of men, woman, or anyone in between can have their voices heard. This is the scene Amber Rose’s fourth …

From benchwarmer to the best on the team

Share: Emily Ahedo did not start her PCC athletic career the way she wanted to. En route to graduating at San Gabriel Mission High, Ahedo started looking into joining the Lancer volleyball team late. Debating between a two and four year college option, Ahedo made some last minute choices that affected her career.   Much to Ahedo’s dismay, all the team spots were already filled by the time she decided she would come to a two year college. The PCC volleyball coach, Mike Terrill, made …

Get your end of summer kicks at the LA Fair

Share: The Los Angeles County Fair ends the summer with a reminiscent drive down Route 66. Hosting its yearly festivities, the fair’s theme pays homage to Route 66 and the slogan urges attendees to “Get Your Kicks… at the LA Fair.” The fair’s activities include 68 rides, over 100 food vendors, sixteen main stage artist performances and countless arcade booths throughout the Pomona fairgrounds. There are numerous amounts of expo halls and photo opts for children and the whole family to partake in during the …

Narcotic use on campus

Share: Monday, September 3 No activity was reported on this day. Tuesday, September 4 There were reports of several subjects possibly engaged in narcotic activity near the mirror pools. Upon arrival, officers were unable to locate any suspects matching those reports. There was a report of a hit and run in Lot 5. A report was taken. A student reported his bike was stolen on campus. The bikeike was taken from the bike racks at the Annex bungalows and a report was filed. A faculty …

Getting an education while staying on your grind

Share: Imagine saving time, transportation costs, and working in an environment where your bosses value your education above all. For PCC students, this is a possible reality. Students can meet new interesting people everyday while working and still have control over how much time they have for studying. Imagine: leisurely strolling to your job the building over from your last class of the day rather than sitting in Pasadena rush hour traffic. Follow: