‘Delicate’ music video: ‘You must like me for me’

Share: Taylor Swift is unfortunately all too familiar with the downside of entertainment media and its fantastic ability to make every little thing seem like the world’s biggest catastrophe. In her new video for her latest single, “Delicate,” Swift attempts to give her audience a glimpse of why she decided to hide under the limelight for this past year and what the new experience has been like for her. Follow:

‘The End of the F***ing World’: A sociopathic love story

Share: In case you missed it, Netflix has become a really big deal, especially for the younger generation. Millenials are always looking for binge-worthy shows that allow them to connect to characters, to escape reality for a little while and to essentially find something that makes them feel like they are not alone in this crazy world. Netflix’s “The End of The F***ing World” does just that. Follow: