Academic Senate votes against Accreditation report

The Academic Senate voted 17 to 14 last month not to certify the final draft of the Accreditation Self-Evaluation Report after Academic Senate President Eduardo Cairó refused to sign the document because he said it was improperly created. In a recent email sent to faculty, Cairó outlined many reasons for not signing the document. “The process that was established by the PCC administration to produce an accurate document was a failure,” Cairó said. “The Senate did not have adequate time to review, revise, or submit …

PCC Cares Team helps students and faculty cope with loss and grief

One Thursday afternoon in late October, not yet aware of the sad news that awaited them, the students in the English 100 class walked into the room and took their seats as they do at the beginning of every class. Shortly after, Dr. Richard Beyer and Katherine Swain of the Psychological Services walked into the room caring the burden of having to break the painful news that one of their fellow classmates had passed away.

Author gives life and career advice to creative writing class

As a kid, author and actor Aaron Hartzler used to sing in his living room alongside his siblings a song they called “The Countdown.” They waved their arms in the air and after the countdown, they would jump up and yell, “blastoff!” Their song was a way for them to celebrate and prepare for the Rapture, when Jesus would come down and carry those who are worthy up into Heaven.

Piazza cook aspires to be a future Lancer

Late one evening when a father and son returned home from school, they found the mother and wife of their family unit collapsed and lying helpless on the floor. She had previously been diagnosed as a diabetic and it appeared as though her health was worsening. Since she was without help that day, both the father and son decided that one of them would have to stay home with her while the other would be able to continue attending school. When Javier Valdez came home …