FreeDoomed: Caravan destined for disappointment

Share: A continuously growing group of thousands of Honduran migrants, dubbed the “Caravan”, is making its way towards the United States’ southern border in what one can assume is a search for a better, more free life. Nonetheless, their efforts may be futile as their pursuit for freedom may land them in an uncertain limbo. The plight of the migrants escaping poverty and extreme crime cannot be ignored but neither can the rule of law, which is why it is imperative that both are taken …

The Second Amendment ‘shall not be infringed’

Share: No country in existence has produced a document so paramount to its citizens’ own autonomy as the United States of America and its framers did with the Constitution when it was ratified in 1787. The Constitution has stood the test of time as the supreme law of the land and with good reason. It gives us Americans, guaranteed, inalienable rights in which we solely own, that protect us against potential government infringement and tyranny. Follow:

Warning: Possible ‘blue wave’ incoming

Share: As we inch closer to the first midterms since President Donald Trump’s shocking election, an increasing number of Democrats and political pundits have forecasted a massive, rolling tide referred to as the “Blue Wave” coming from the left that is expected to crash on congressional shores. As inevitable as this shift in political power may seem to those on the left, especially those who identify as party absolutists, Republicans may have enough on their side to impede the attempt since at a minimum all …

Academic Senate to support the lancer pantry

Share: Special guest Vice President Dr. Terry Giugni presented a “vision for success” and a new “student-centered funding formula” for Pasadena City College. Highlights include increasing the number of degrees and certificates, increasing transfers to both UC and CSU institutions, decreasing the average number of units to earn an associates degree, as well as reducing equity and achievement gaps for students of all demographics. Funding would be based on enrollments and school sites, supplemental allocations (counts of low-income students), and the success of students attending …

McCain: Military man, merciless maverick

Share: As a combat veteran and fellow purple heart recipient it was quite difficult to not root for the late Senator John Sidney McCain III. McCain had a military record to be admired and served in public office for nearly four decades. He was an independent man, a maverick, and did what he felt was right and just. He selflessly served this country and its citizens up until his last days. Follow: