College wins $3.9 million grant

A $3.9 million Hispanic-Serving Institution Title V grant has been awarded to the college for the Design Technology Pathway program. The U.S. Department of Education will provide PCC with $755,000 for the next five years, increasing the college’s grant total to nearly $7 million for 2012.

Is anyone taking care of campus business?

With six vital senior management positions at PCC vacant, students, faculty and staff can only wonder how business is being properly and efficiently conducted on campus. Having the college lawyer taking over Human Resources, having the Vice President of Information Technology overseeing the Facilities Department for a still undetermined amount of time, is not a wise, progressive, or safe way to run the college.

Job cuts, furloughs weighed by Board

Staff reductions and elimination of the winter session were among the options scheduled to be considered on Wednesday evening by the Board of Trustees as they weighed $10.5 million in possible budget cuts. Also on the table was a 10-day furlough for non-faculty to be scheduled for 2013, if Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax increase measure on the November ballot fails.