Students must pursue their dream major

SHARE: I once sat in my grandfather’s office, sinking into the tanned-leather cushion, my naked feet dangling inches above crème-and-sugar carpeting. My blonde hair up in a ponytail resembling a whale spout, I used my fingers to trace the teal…


STEM program will allow students to grow

SHARE: PCC, in conjunction with California State University Los Angeles (CSULA), has been awarded more than $450,000 over three years for its work to provide at-risk students with specialized programs to help them succeed in STEM fields.

PCC alum awarded major scholarship for research

SHARE: PCC is a school filled with unique students, many of whom come from varying backgrounds, adding to the rich diversity of the campus’ student body. However, many ethnicities are underrepresented on PCC’s campus, as well as on campuses of…