If you’ve ever been to the 626 Night Market, you know how they can be packed with a lot of people, food trucks, and live music. This is essentially what the first annual night market in Los Angeles was like, just a bit more bougie.

The Los Angeles Times hosted a 5 day night market going on from May 10th to May 14th at Grand Park. It included 50 different food booths, food trucks and bars from all around LA. The event was spread out over a number of streets, stretching from top to bottom of the park.

Nicole Sebergandio/Courier
Christopher Konecki works live paints at the Los Angeles Times Food Bowl, on Thursday May 11th 2017.

It was free but there were $10 VIP tickets being sold for those who wanted to visit the “supermarket” at the bottom of the park, which allowed access to a section with even more food vendors, additional seating and a premium lounge with exclusive entertainment. I personally didn’t get this ticket, but you could see from the outside it was heavily decorated with lights and pulsing with bass from the live music going on behind the gates.

I walked around and saw everything the food trucks and booths had to offer before deciding what I wanted to eat. There was definitely a variety of foods, as no food trucks were the same. None of the food trucks appealed to me and neither did the prices, which were all higher than Cheech and Chong in the movie Up in Smoke. Ironically, the food truck I came to eat at was called “Up in Smoke,” which was a barbeque taqueria.

I looked at the chalkboard menu and read three different options, tacos, sandwiches, and nacho fries. My eyes popped out of my head as I read three tacos for $9.50. In what world is a single taco worth three dollars? That’s when I knew I was dealing with a bougie ass taco truck. Although I read avocado in the description, I was shook. Guac in the tacos and it’s NOT extra? Nonetheless, I can get tacos for 50 cents at El Ranchero on Monday nights. So it was between the sandwich and nacho fries. $13 dollars for a bbq pulled pork sandwich or $15 for nacho fries? Hardest decision of my life. I went with the nacho fries and honestly I wasn’t disappointed with the taste. I mean, they weren’t worth $15, especially because it was a really small portion but they were so good.

Some of the other booths included the famous Grilled Cheese food truck, the NoMad truck, the Pico House truck, and one that really stuck out was The Blast “new old skool” ice cream truck. Their truck was cute and aesthetically pleasing, and had a prohibition theme to it. There were also trucks with sweets like the DC cupcake truck and the with love stickhouse truck that served italian handcrafted gelato.

Nicole Sebergandio/Courier
People come together at the 1st annual Los Angeles Times Food Bowl on Thursday May 11th, 2017 held at Grand Park.

It was an overall really fun experience for me. I got to actually get out of my house for once and experience the LA food scene. It was a pretty popular night on Wednesday which was the opening. A lot of people showed up and I even recall seeing Channel 7 news there. I would recommend friends to go but warn them they better go after pay day because these food trucks will eat your wallet and spit it back out at you.

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