Having a ruff day? Visit Dog Cafe, nestled in LA’s dog-friendly neighborhood Silverlake for a large selection of coffee, tea and furry four legged companions.

Upon entering Dog Cafe, visitors are greeted by a welcoming committee consisting of wagging tails, sniffing noses and an occasional lick.

Some are shy at first, but eventually they all open up. Especially Petunia the Pug, who enjoys a nice belly rub.

With the abundance of adorable dogs of all shapes, sizes and color, you realize the one that the one hour time limit is not enough. Now don’t go barking up a storm.

While you are there don’t forget to try a fresh made coffee or specialty drink such Pup-kin spiced latte made in house by Dog Cafe’s own baristas.

The primary mission of the cafe is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs so they have a loving environment to call home.

After rescuing these precious dogs, the staff at Dog Cafe work hard to get the dogs orientated to a more structured life and routine enabling them to be more social with both people and other dogs.

To some of the dogs, especially the ones who suffered abuse, the warm and loving environment is culture shock.

While others are naturally calm and social, these pooch’s just desire a family to love.

Wesley, a loveable pit bull mix, entertains potential dog parents and visitors with his charm by playing fetch, rope pulling, and lap sitting.

“Wesley loves people,” said handler Kerry Kaz. “He thinks he’s lap dog and doesn’t realize how big he really is.”

The cafe’s main goal is to find each dog a home to be matched with the best possible dog parents. Since most of these dogs are rescued from shelters and several have suffered abuse or have never had a home.

“Like people, dogs who are abused have psychological defects caused by traumatic experiences,” said dog handler Taysa Porto. “It’s important to show the dogs love and affection so they can trust people again.”

To visit Dog Cafe an appointment is necessary. Up to 16 guests are allowed into Cafe at a single time to mingle with the dog’s and enjoy house made beverages.

Admission is $15 and includes the beverage. The money collected goes back to pay for the cost and expenses that are needed run the facility.

“This place is really great,” said visitor Justice Keeton. “After the stress and anxiety of my mid terms, this is the perfect place to unwind. The dogs and their affection really puts me at peace.”

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