Taylor Gonzales/Courier Pandora Boxx performs during Outfest’s “Beers & Queers” event at Angel City Brewery in Downtown Los Angeles on Thursday, May 4, 2017.

Meryl Streep, a drag queen, and alcohol. It sounds like gay heaven, but it was actually an event hosted by Outfest at Angel City Brewery to honor the late Carrie Fisher on Star Wars day (May the 4th be with you).The night started out with the gorgeous Pandora Boxx giving the audience life as she channeled her inner Shirley MacLaine while performing “I’m still here” from the Carrie Fisher penned film “Postcards from the Edge.”

Among the audience members being dazzled by Boxx’s on point performance was Fisher’s therapy dog, Gary Fisher.

Immediately following the performance there was a screening of “Postcards from the Edge,” as everyone sipped their beers from the brewery.

It was during the screening of the movie I was able to sit down and interview the queen of sass herself, Pandora Boxx.

“I found out about this event because they asked me to do it,” Boxx said. “I have supported Outfest through many years because I have been doing drag since Abraham Lincoln was president.”

Pandora Boxx recalled the first time she saw Star Wars, and the impact it had on her life.

“I was a little baby kid when I saw Star Wars. It changed my life, and my mother had no fucking clue what Star Wars was. All I talked about was that movie. I got all the toys.”

Carrie Fisher had a huge influence on her, both on and off the screen.

“Carrie Fisher will always be my Princess Leia. She wasn’t a typical princess. She was badass. She talked about things you shouldn’t talk about, and then you find out Carrie Fisher is a bomb ass writer.

“She spoke about a lot of things that people are not supposed to speak about like mental illness and stuff like that. I think if more people spoke about it, there would be less mental illness.”

On one final note, Boxx made sure to announce, “I’m younger than Shirley MacLaine!”

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