Quite different from your many local cafes, Bambino’s cafe is a small hidden place near the 210 freeway that attracts their customers with its cheesy saucy aroma and addictive smell of pizzas.

Walking inside Bambinos the atmosphere is filled with pure positive vibes. The walls have colorful wording on them that stand out to you. The background noise of classic rock adds on the tastes bud that are ready for slice of satisfaction.

As you sit down the area has a bar type seating with comfortable stools, while it faces the television. I quickly felt welcomed as I was greeted and asked what I wanted to order. However, I was in shock as they had so many options.

Aside from pizza, Bambinos offers Calzones, Fresh Salads, Buffalo Wings, Appetizers, Heros (Parmesan cheese with a side of Carne Asada fries), Ice Cream, and Desserts. Although, Bambinos Cafe does not offer any cafe drinks only your typical soft drinks and energy drinks.

There was so much food, so many options, but I anxiously ordered a small 6 piece pineapple pizza and 6 extra hot buffalo wings.

Not only was I going to eat well, I was going to watch a soccer game too! It was too good to be true.

As my food was served I dived into the Hawaiian sea of pineapple and pepperoni. Then I reached for a smoky hot buffalo wing and dipped it into ranch heaven.

The sauce in the pizza was made to perfection, it was rich in taste and not too salty nor not too plain. The cheese melted to my satisfaction as I thought I’d just tasted authentic Italian pizza. The pineapples, as much as people might dislike, completed this pizza and made it ever so delicious.

The Buffalo wings complimented the pizza. Biting into the wings I felt the spiciness right away, the meat felt juicy almost like if the meat had been freshly delivered.

I repeated that step until I was in food coma, which was something I do not regret.

Bambinos might not be an actual cafe, however, if your tastes buds are attacking you during class while you aren’t paying attention, Bambinos is your destination.

I rate Bambino’s Cafe 4.5/5

p.s. they also offer delivery!

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