The Lancers broke out of the starting gate against Long Beach Friday by pressuring up top in search of the goal they eventually found. Then they sat back and defended but unfortunately they could not preserve the shut out and the game ended in a 1-1 tie.

Amanda Papac scored the goal for PCC, taking advantage of a mistake in the back by Long Beach.

“It looked like all their players dropped on one of our players and left me completely open,” Papac said. She then shot the ball from 16 yards out hard into the corner. “Thank god we went over finishing last practice, because my coach told me to drive it to the corners because I have been having trouble finishing. And I listened to him and got it done.”

Just a few minutes after that Bailey Shaw, central defender, saved what would have been a surefire goal off the line to keep the Lancers ahead. “Our last game, that girl ripped one right to the upper corner, so I knew she could curve the ball really well,” Shaw said. “I could see that they were about to pass it back so that she could kick another one, so I went to the back line and stopped it.”

But in the second half Long Beach scored the equalizing goal. Yasmyn Andrade shot the ball across the box, and it bounced off the inside of the post and in.

According to Coach Reggie Rivas the game went to plan. Except, of course, the goal they allowed to tie it up.

“The plan was to go at them early, get a quick goal, and then we dropped back. We did exactly the game plan,” Rivas said. “Unfortunately they got a goal to tie it up, but to get out of here with a point, we are excited.”

Long Beach is ranked one place ahead of Pasadena in the South Coast Conference and going into this game Pasadena was 19th in Southern California. The top 18 teams go to the playoffs.

“Everyone individually did an awesome job, but we need to come together as a team because we really got to move up for playoffs,” Papac said.

“Something I have noticed with other teams is you get in their head and once they start getting on each other they are done,” Shaw said. “I think that is something we do really well, we don’t put each other down.”



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