PCC’s water polo team is making waves as they begin their season triumphantly crushing the Santa Monica Corsairs during a mini tournament at LA Valley college Saturday morning, and coming just short of a point from victory against the San Diego Miramar Jets directly after.

The Lancers diligently worked as one dominating their first game against the Corsairs (14-10) with a total of 8 assists, 7 steals, and 6 goalie saves.

“First game I thought we demonstrated a lot of real good team chemistry, and it was good to see the group come together,” said Head Coach Terry Stoddard. “We played a really solid four quarters.”

Returning this season as a team captain, sophomore Fernanda Alvarez delivered a remarkable performance making 7 of the 14 goals scored throughout the game.

“I think our first game went really well,” said Alvarez. “I think we communicated really well it being the first time we played together as a team.”

Teammate, freshman attacker Chloe O’Connor, is testament to that as she contributed by scoring 3 goals and 5 of the 8 assists made against the Corsairs. Fellow attacker, Marissa Lopez, who happened to score the first two goals of the game, aided the team scoring 3 goals in total and acquiring a steal.

The second game against the Jets was a nail-biter all the way into the fourth quarter. The Lancers finished strong but, fresh from a competition, did not accrue enough momentum at the beginning of the game to claim victory in time.

“The second game…[the Jets] were just a little more fresh in the beginning…we came out too slow,” said Stoddard. “We were down 8-2 in the first half.”

Alvarez, O’Connor, and Lopez were top tier again this match collectively scoring the 10 goals made against the Jets. Freshman Goalie Erin Coad, pitched in with 5 goalie saves and 5 assists, while Lopez, who again made the first goal of the game, racked up 4 assists and 4 steals.

The Lancers were down by 5 goals by the end of the second quarter (4-9) and despite being behind in goals, proved throughout the second half of the game that a team is supposed to fight until the end. PCC scored the only 2 goals made in the third quarter, and pushed hard as a team to make the first 4 goals in the final quarter.

“I’m happy that we fought and actually had a better second half,” said Stoddard. “I think that showed a bit about our preparation, that we were ready to go to be able to come back like that.”

“The second game we were down by a couple of points by half-time,” Alvarez added. “After half I think we got it together…we lost by one, but we definitely came back and that shows that we know when to step it up.”

So far this season, with only two games under their belts, the Lancers have already accomplished 24 goals, 14 assists, 12 goals-per game, and a 46.2 shot percentage. Alvarez feels that teamwork and communication will be the top thing that brings the Lancers victory this season.

“I want to see everyone supporting each other, giving each other tips and not staying quiet,” said Alvarez. “I’m looking forward to the bond…how we work together in the pool and out of the pool.”

Women’s water polo will compete in their first conference game Sept. 18 against Chaffey College.

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