The women’s soccer team beat Taft College Cougars with a 3-0 score at the PCC Robinson Stadium on Tuesday.The Lancers dominated throughout the game with good technique, and communication between the players; obtaining a positive result.

“It was a good game, not hard; the team is based on the connection, and the chemistry between the players. Practice brings us together and we are also friends outside of school, which is a good thing,” said Kristie Castellon.

During the first eight minutes of the first half, PCC attacked Taft with a lot of pressure, which made a defender from the Cougars made a big mistake, awarding the Lancers with a penalty kick. Top scorer Elba Menjivar took in charge of the PK with a strong shot that ended in the net.

Two minutes later, midfielder Merakka Augenstein made the second goal; taking a shot from the left side of the six-yard box that ended in the keeper’s left corner.

Before the end of the first half, Menjivar got injured from her knee by a Taft player, making her leave the field for the rest of the game.

“The players are getting injures because we are playing like five games every week, which is not good because we are not in good conditions, like if we would play one game every week,” said soccer director Cherif Zein.

At the second half, Lancer Cindy Aguillon took a shot, that went over the bar, putting in danger the goal of the cougars.

Minutes later, again Aguillon, with a depth touch, assisted to teammate Randi Richardson, who scored the third and last goal of the game.

“We have a lot of good things in our team, however we have some players that have injures.” said Zein.

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