A strong kick-off to the 2012 season continued for the Women’s Volleyball team as it triumphed in Friday’s game, beating both Cypress and Santa Barbara in three matches each.Â

The first match concluded with a score of 25-19, the second was 25-18, and the third was 25-12.

Coach Tammy Silva spoke with resounding gratification about her team’s performance against Cypress. “The team came out strong in the first match,” she said. “We had a team hitting percentage of .422 [and] totaled five solo blocks and twelve assisted blocks.”

The game against Cypress featured some exceptional performances by some key players. Sophomore Kailey Faust (setter) stepped up on game day. “She totaled 67 assists for the day, was aggressive and ran a fast tempo offense. She was a strong leader,” said Silva.

Outside hitter Jennifer Estrada was a standout player in Friday’s game as well, but believes everyone played an equal role. “I feel that we did well as a team…everybody did their part,” said Estrada.

Another key player, sophomore Yanise Joseph (outside hitter), was no exception to the realm of outstanding work in the game against Cypress. “[Joseph] hit an impressive .818 with 9 kills and no hitting errors,” said Silva.

Joseph also felt confident about her contribution to Friday’s game. However, she believes that there is always room for improvement. “I still have a lot that I need to work on and execute,” said Joseph.

The performances from the team failed to diminish in the game against Santa Barbara. Another game won in three matches concluded with a score of 25-19 in the first match, 25-23 in the second, and 25-17 in the third.

Defensive players Cassandra Delacruz, Jennifer Estrada, Viridiana Gallardo, and Briana Hilton were the standout individuals in the game against Santa Barbara. “Our defense was a game changer versus Santa Barbara,” says Silva. “[They] all played aggressive in the back row, totaling 112 digs which is an average of 18.2 Digs per game.”

The games against Cypress and Santa Barbara started off strong, with minimal mistakes. The team ended even stronger.

“We are ranked eighth in the state and we are only going to get better as the year continues,” said Silva. The team’s performance in the season thus far shows significant promise in the games to come. They are a force to be reckoned with in the 2012 season.

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