Teresa Mendoza / Courier
Cassandra Saavedra #3 scores the first goal for PCC at the game against Glendale Community College in Robinson Stadium on Tuesday, Aug 5.

The women’s soccer team beat the Glendale Vaqueros on Sept. 4 at Robinson Stadium, after fighting for a tie against Moorpark at the season opener. The Lancers were able to pull away from the Vaqueros with a winning score of 3-1.

In the first nine minutes of the game, Glendale scored its first goal, taking the lead of 0-1. Glendale wasn’t able to enjoy its victory for that long since, forward, Cassie Saavedra scored four minutes later. The game was tied 1-1. During the first half of the game, PCC was dominating in the field. At minute 27, forward, Danielle Busta scored the second goal. At the end of the first half, the Lancers were up 2-1.

Nunez, the forward, thought the team did well. “We did a good job,” she said. “At the beginning of the game we were kind of fatigued, since we had played on Friday, and the sun and heat really didn’t help us at all, it was hot during the games,” said Nunez.

When the second half started, the Lancers were still taking control of the game. In minute 76, forward, Nancy Nunez scored the third goal of the game, making it more difficult for the Vaqueros to catch up. Hallie White, left back, was really excited about playing against Glendale. “I want to win and beat them, especially since they’re one of our biggest rivals,” said White.

Sarah Castellanos, forward, was happy that the team able to come away with the win. “There’s always room for improvement, but I’m just glad we won,” said Castellanos.

Head Coach, Randy Lilavois, said that it showed the team, took three days off, since there were some mistakes that were made during the game. “It’s frustrating to see that there were times when we missed our chances to score, there’s still so much we need to do,” said Lilavios.


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