The PCC women’s basketball team currently ranks No. 6 in the state and have won five of their last six games thanks to the leadership of co-captains Kaitlyn Parks and Desiree Loving who have acted as the team’s dynamic duo.

Kaitlyn Parks (left) and Desiree Loving pose for a portrait before practice on Tuesday.
Kaitlyn Parks (left) and Desiree Loving pose for a portrait before practice on Tuesday.

“They are the backbones of our team” head coach Joe Peron said. “The team loves them. We have a little family here, and our family is getting closer and closer. Their leadership has helped tremendously.”

Averaging 12.5 points, 4.9 rebounds, and 4.7 assists per game, Loving said that basketball to her means opportunity and success.

“What motivates me this year the most is wanting to win a championship,” Loving said. “What motivates me overall, is that it keeps me out of trouble, you can learn a lot from basketball.”

Now in her second year playing for the Lancers, Loving said that she’s been feeling good about the team this year.

“I’ve never been able to carry my team before,” Loving said. “This is my first year as a point guard leading the team, and I feel a sense of great accomplishment and I hope to take it further.”

Loving spends time studying off the court, hopes to play basketball overseas one day and has ambitions to make it to the WNBA.

“They are two of my threesome that are playing really well right now,” Peron said. “They are probably the most consistent members of the team as well. I’m really proud of the way Desiree has lead our team, and I’m really impressed and proud with Kaitlyn Park’s performance.”

Parks, currently averaging 13 points and eight rebounds per game, said that she believes it was her willingness to work hard, her willingness to learn, and her willingness to lead that got her to where she is today.

“Honestly, I never wanted to play basketball,” Parks said. “My mom signed me up for every sport she could get me in, and she signed me up for basketball, and it kind of just stuck with me. What inspires me is just too be better. I have a hunger, I feel like I just have to play.”

Parks said that she is optimistic about how the rest of the season will unfold.

“Some of the losses we shouldn’t have had, some Ls you have to take,” she said. “What’s going to keep our streak is hunger. We always have to be hungry, we always have to go out there and give our all. Leave nothing; put it all on the court.”

Off the court, Parks described herself as a nerd. She’s currently working on a book and has a passion for writing.

The rest of the season is looking bright for the Lancer’s with the motivation and desire these girls have for the sport.

“It’s still one game at a time, we have three games left in conference,” Peron said. “Our goal right now is to continue to better our defense so we can win on Friday night. We hope to finish off next week with two wins and be a really low seed in the playoffs. I’m shooting for three home games.”


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