It was an incredibly hot day in November, and the sun shined heavily on Robinson stadium. The sweat dripping from the Lancers’ forehead painted a portrait of the game’s intensity as the Lancers battled the undefeated Falcons of Cerritos College. At the end of the first half, the Falcons tied the score 2-2. But now it’s the final minute of the game and the Lancers scored again. PCC went on to defeat Cerritos 4-2. The perfect ending to a season. It was Adam Ure’s favorite memory playing soccer for PCC. 

Adam Ure is a left-back and 2-year letterman for the PCC Lancers. This spring, he will be transferring to  Division II Dominican University in San Rafael.

“I’m looking forward to playing at the next level,” said Ure. “I think the level they play at is quite good, and I like to challenge myself. It should be a good time and a good personal experience.”

Ure sent his highlight reel to Dominican University, head coach, David Frank. Coach Frank requested more videos, which convinced him to move forward with Ure.

“I was open to going to other colleges in the fall,” said Ure. “But it’s really encouraging to see a coach that has confidence and trust that he thinks I could contribute something to the program that they’re missing. It is encouraging having a coach that is committed and wants you to come and play for their program, even if it is just as a sub or on the bench.”

According to Ure, universities usually attend a home game or hold a soccer camp for recruitment. Soccer camps allow coaches to see what potential players have to offer. It is a day filled with exercise and soccer drills. The opportunity to participate in either of these activities are non-existent due to COVID-19.

“I was supposed to go on a bunch of trials at colleges in California, but the pandemic changed everything up,” said Ure.

46% of college coaches have reported that COVID-19 has impacted their recruiting process. Ure felt the effect of this after the postponement of his soccer trials at California State University Monterey Bay and California State University East Bay. Ure contacted multiple coaches before the pandemic but did not receive any responses once the pandemic was declared.

“The other coaches had my highlight reel, but then they sort of just stopped responding when the pandemic hit,” said Ure.  

Many new players get to visit the school and see for their own eyes what lies ahead. They get to stroll through the campus, get a feel of the field, and find their new favorite place to eat lunch. Ure is not able to relish in any of these activities.

“It’s been a bit weird,” said Ure. “I’ve only had a tour of the school and their athletic facilities online, and I’ve only talked to the coach over the phone. “I probably won’t get to go up there until January, and even that is up in the air.”

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