Pasadena softball gave San Diego Mesa College (SDMC) a double whammy on the road Saturday during a doubleheader, beating them 4-3 and 10-5.

After battling on the road last week, the Lancers ended their journey in San Diego for a cross conference match against the Olympians who are a part of the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference.

The team had to do some research, so they knew how to approach the games defensively and offensively since they’ve never faced them before according to head coach Monica Tantlinger.

It showed on the mound and the minimal errors made on the field in the first game. The Lancers were able to hold the Olympians to zero runs until the 6th inning which then became a “make or break” situation since San Diego put themselves in the lead, 1-0.

After the Lancers tied the game at the top of the 7th, the intensity grew as both teams went back and forth at the plate until Angel Urbina broke the tie with an unearned run at the top of the 9th and ended the game 4-3.

“Our defense did a great job of keeping us in the game when our offense wasn’t quite there,” second baseman Alex Howard said.

PCC’s momentum was flowing as they stepped up to the plate at the top of the 1st in the second game and scored three runs. From then on the Lancers kept the ball in play while forcing SDMC’s defense to make errors.

The Lancers capitalized on seven errors made by the Olympians to score ten runs to San Diego’s five.

“Offensive-wise we did a lot better than we did in the first game,” pitcher Angel Wintercorn said. “The bats have been coming alive more and more as each game goes on.”

The Lancers are back home on Tuesday, Mar. 21 to face LA Harbor who hasn’t won a single game all season.

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