Beginning with an abysmal 1-2 record in the “We Play Hard” tournament, Lancers have seemed to turn a corner, winning their first official preseason with an impressive 90-63 score against El Camino.

Following an intense first half against the Warriors resulting in a 43-43 tie, the Lancers buckled down and scored 53 points in the second half trumping the Warriors 27 points. Sophomore guard Chris Odionu was the leading player scoring 26 points.

“Our players seemed pretty uneasy in the first half but just something happened in that second half to help our players remain focused and we proved that winning is what we do best and that’s the goal.” said assistant coach Jesse Ellis

According to assistant coach Keith Holloman, the 14 player roster is composed of ten freshman and only four sophomores.. The current captain is freshman guard Khristion Courseault who has already 31 points to his name having played only four games so far with the Lancers.

The Lancers hope to improve their season record following an atrocious 10-17 record last year.
Faults of miscommunication, mismanagement and lack of cooperation led to the record but according to Ellis, “There’s a hunger in the young men’s eyes that gives us the motivation to be better and with last night’s performance it goes to show at this point the only move is to go up.”

“If we put in the work for a season we can get to where we want to be which is championships ‘cause I’m not here for losing.” said returning forward Chris Blunt.

PCC still have a long road ahead of them as their season doesn’t begin until January but the next couple of pre-season games can set a template for the direction they want to go into this coming season.

The Lancers will participate in the 2nd annual Skip Robinson tournament on Thursday Nov. 15.

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