After going on the road Tuesday and losing 2-0 to El Camino the men’s soccer team came back home and got an impressive 4-2 win over undefeated Cerritos Friday afternoon.

“Going into the game we knew Cerritos was a top team in our conference, but we trusted our team and they left everything they had on the field today,” said assistant coach Chris Ferrer. “We knew Cerritos would dominate possession of the ball so we had to make every chance at scoring count and we did.”

The Lancers got off to a fast start as they scored on a beautiful setup play as midfielder Mario Urbina kicked the ball across the field to a wide open Martin Manzanilla who scored easily. A miscommunication in setting up a corner kick allowed the Falcons to score shortly after. After the Falcons first goal they began to gain control of the ball taking most of the shots and forcing the Lancers defenders to work hard.

Lancers goalie Steven Sandova came up big with a pair of back to back blocked shots, one of them just barely being saved as his fingertips tipped the ball. While the Lancers goalie was making plays for a highlight reel the Falcons’ goalie was looking to make a blooper reel. The Falcons’ goalie began to tease the Lancers’ players as he was pretending to throw the ball, but after the second fake, the ball slipped and scored into his own goal. This gave the Lancers a 2-1 lead with plenty of time left in the first half.

The Lancers scored again shortly after off an impressive bicycle kick that went straight down the middle and had the player’s bench going crazy. The goal ended up being withdrawn as a referee called a controversial offside a few seconds after. The Falcons would later score late into the first half tying the score 2-2. 

“The ref took a goal from us that was a beautiful bicycle kick by our midfielder. I don’t know why the ref would call the offsides late it was a clean play,” said assistant coach Chris Ferrer.

As the second half began frustration started to boil up for both teams. Players had to be separated as they began to shove each other, resulting in players from both teams getting yellow cards. The Falcons controlled the ball for most of the second half giving the Lancers few chances at scoring . When the Lancers did get a chance at scoring they made it count as midfielder Mario Urbina snuck behind a defender taking the ball away and juking the goalie leading to a wide open goal. 

The Lancers had a 3-2 lead half way into the second half. The Falcons still controlled the ball the rest of the game but were unable to score as the Lancers defense was not allowing them to get a shot off. In the final minutes of the game the Falcons goalie made another mistake as the ball slipped from his hands off a corner kick giving Lancer midfielder Ernesto Angulo an easy tap in goal to seal the game.

“We played well at the end of the second half. We finished strong we didn’t give up and we showed it on the field,” said team captain Edson Pulido.

This win gives the Lancers a record of 8-8-2 with their next game being there last conference game Tuesday at 6 p.m at Rio Hondo.

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