For the past 20 years PCC has not had a men’s volleyball team. There has been a group of students who have started the Men’s Volleyball Club in order to change that.

After club rush week, the Men’s Volleyball Club now has 25 to 30 members. Their current status for the club is being open to all individuals. The club meets every Monday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Hutto Patterson Gymnasium.

“I just wish it was something more serious,” said Hovhannes Simonyan, President of the Men’s Volleyball Club. “But due to funds we can’t have that.”

At the moment the club is just playing for fun but would like to compete in the upcoming year. Competitions are not till late January, early February. The club is also not competing because funds from the Inter-Council Club(ICC) are not being distributed yet till the middle of March.

ICC is the student government body who are handled by the ICC requirements. It is also a requirement for all clubs to attend ICC meetings. Since funds are not released until the middle of March, there are some procedures that clubs have to follow in order to access their funds. In order to access funding, a club must be recognized by ICC. The Inter-Club Council funds will only be accepted for events/activities approved by and Associated Students Executive Board.

When filling out the form there should be an inclusion of an account name, which would be the Men’s Volleyball Club, a detailed description of why they would want the check with a total amount needed, an authorized signature with an inclusion of a signature from Payment for Service and a requirement of all receipts.

“Several sports were dropped prior to returning to campus in 1999,” said Robert Lewis. “Men’s Volleyball did not return and because it did not grow in numbers with other schools it has not been considered for return to the PCC intercollegiate sports.”

At one point PCC did offer men’s volleyball. In 1990 the institution offered this sport for a few years, but there was a lack of interest from the male population on campus. Till this day we only have 12 teams in Southern California and none in Northern California. It was dropped when athletics played all off-campus during the construction of what was the current facilities GM Building and Hutto Patterson Gymnasium, according to an email sent from Robert Lewis Sports Information Specialist from the Kinesiology Department at PCC.

As of right now the Men’s Volleyball Club is just practicing for the upcoming year to be able to sign up for the PCC intercollegiate sports and attend competitions.


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