The Lancers men’s basketball team ended the season with a blowout loss against Mount San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) and are looking forward to a new class of recruits next year.

The Lancers shortcoming has always been an inability to play two halves, and Friday night’s home game was no exception.

Only down by two points at halftime, Mt. SAC stepped on the accelerator with 47 of their 71 points scored in the second half.

The Lancers just can’t seem to find rhythm in second half, taking significantly fewer shots versus Mt. SAC while four players from Mt. SAC scored in double figures, two of which came off the bench.

The Lancers found themselves on a slippery slope late in the game, unable to sustain their defensive pressure while turning the ball over during crucial moments.

“We turned the ball over too much when they pressed us, and we just have to make sure we do a better job handling their pressure,” said head coach Michael Swanegan.

“We didn’t do a good job of that tonight.”

Mt. SAC took apart the Lancers for the second time this season with the blowout victory of 71-48 victory.

PCC concluded the 27 game season with only 5 wins under their belt.

“Knowing that we came short this year, but you know next year we are coming in strong,” said freshman guard Jamon Moore.

PCC’s problem seems to be ubiquitous, but many players agreed that the team lacks frontcourt firepower as well as team chemistry.

“In my opinion we are lacking a good center,” said freshman guard Aaron Yu. “I think our biggest problem is that we are overall a small team, and many times we fail to get rebounds in games, especially offensive rebounds, when teams get second chances to put the ball into the basket naturally they will score more points.”

With 10 out of 12 team members being freshmen, it is difficult to sand out the bumps in just one season.

“We don’t have a good team chemistry,” said Moore. “We are not from here, everyone is from somewhere else.”

Moore himself is from Sylvester, Georgia.

Men’s basketball will be looking into big reforms, hoping to bring in new recruits before next season.

Swanegan really put an emphasis on bringing in new recruits into the team next season after the devastating loss against Mt. SAC.

“We want to bring in players that can be able to handle this conference better than we did this year,” said Swanegan.

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