After adding two additional losses to their losing record this season, the PCC men’s basketball team is looking to finish the last five games of the season strong.

Although only trailing by two points at halftime against East Los Angeles College (ELAC) on Wednesday, the Lancers weren’t able to hold up during the second half, taking yet another home loss.

“We have to learn how to play two halves and we only played one half tonight,” head coach Michael Swanegan said. “Second half we have too many mental breakdowns that caused them to pick up a lot of force for us to lose ground.”

Pasadena has always been a team that struggles with free throws, averaging slightly below 60 percent. Although they shot an improved 78.6 percent from the free throw line in the game on Wednesday, it wasn’t enough to bring the score closer due to poor field goal percentage.

While sophomore forward Darrell Childs and freshman guard Jamon Moore shot 50 percent on Wednesday, the rest of the team couldn’t follow as they fell behind in points off the bench against ELAC.

“We have gotten a lot of open looks but many are not going in. They are just not falling,” freshman center Angel Holguin said.

Similar results came out of the away game against Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC) on Friday as PCC continued to shoot poorly from the field while having too many costly turnovers to be able to sustain positive momentum.

Spending the past four games in the starting line up, Moore has been improving the team on the offensive and defensive side, putting up 31 combined points against ELAC and LASC.

Sophomore guard Todd Barnes believes that PCC is able to compete with other schools despite the accumulating losses.

“If everyone doesn’t have the same level of play, then we are not going to be on the same page … Each person have a different job, it just depends on whether or not they are able to do their job and go hard at it,” Barnes said.

Although the season didn’t turn out the way many players expected, players are optimistic. They plan to continue fighting and playing hard each game, hoping to accumulate wins before the season ends.

“This season is not what I expected at least, but we just got to keep working and hopefully next season doesn’t go down south like this one. But just keep working, that’s our biggest thing just keep working,” Holguin said.

Pasadena will continue to play hard against Mt. San Antonio College on Feb. 3.

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