A knight has his shining armor, a Trojan has his sword, and a Lancer has a lance – or so that’s what history has taught us.

However, Pasadena City College’s very own mascot Larry the Lancer finds himself lance-less, his implement replaced with a toy sword as the weapon that accompanies the historically inaccurate mascot.

In fact, we can’t even find Larry.

“[He’s] kind of like a Trojan,” said Head Dance and Cheer Coach Siria LoVett. “I don’t know anything about why he doesn’t have a lance.”

A sword has a long, sharp blade with a handle attached, while a lance is a long, heavy-duty spear or pole meant for a mounted warrior. Larry carries a plastic sword, so he can do no lancing.

Throughout the mascot’s history at PCC, Larry has had a reputation for cheering with his sword one season, and other years, he’s just not there. The mascot is part of the Cheer and Dance team, so LoVett needs someone who can be just as dedicated to the team.

And sometimes that just doesn’t happen.

“Sometimes we’ll have someone wear it every now and again for an event or something like that. Right now we don’t have one, but you can wear it,” joked LoVett.

The fact that Larry is without a lance and currently missing in action has not really caught the attention of many people, especially those involved in the school’s athletics.

“Never really thought about our mascot before. I’ve always felt like I was representing Pasadena, not a Lancer mascot,” said PCC alumnus and the men’s soccer administrator Greg Altounian. “It’s a bit odd. Larry should have a Lance.”

Other’s feel a little more strongly about Larry’s costume problem.

“I feel like we’re a low budget, wannabe USC,” said football player Cederic Craine. “I think it’s whack as hell. I feel that it’s humiliating. It’s insulting.”

However, Larry may be coming in sight soon enough. Stay tuned for Larry on the field this Fall sports season.

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