Though Wednesday’s game resulted in a loss against El Camino, the Lancers were quick to dig their way back to a win at Friday’s game against LA Trade-Tech, setting a school record of 11 service aces by freshman Ariana Fatoohi.

The Lancers fell short Wednesday night when they played against El Camino who is ranked No. 3 in the league. They started their first set strong but lost their aggressive mindset by the second. Head coach Mike Terrill emphasized that a big topic that was discussed over practice was to stay aggressive.

“We’re just going to play our game hard,” setter Heather Collado explained about her team discussion.

The sets between the Warriors and Lancers resulted in scores of 25-13, 25-15, 25-23. Lancers’ initial plan was to control everything during the game and it was obvious that they tried their best to execute that plan by the third set.

“We also have to be prepared with the outcome of the other side,” Collado added.

Sophomore Emily Ramirez had a total of 11 digs, while Leslie Rivera scored 11 kills during this three set defeat. The coaches didn’t mention El Camino’s league ranking until after the game. Regardless, the team knew that they had to go into the game with an aggressive mentality.

“We treat any team as if they’re number one or they’re coming out to get us,” Ramirez shared.

The team always plays competitively and it was proved at Friday’s home game against LA Trade-Tech. Taking the victory that night, the Lancers won 25-6, 25-14, 25-5. Learning from their last game, they came in hard and played their best.

“We proved to ourselves that we can play against any team and that was a positive,” Terrill mentioned.

The LA Trade-Tech Beavers were a small team of newcomers which may or may not have been an advantage to Lancers. Nonetheless, it gave players like freshman Ariana Fatoohi the ability to shed some light on herself. Fatoohi had briefly played in a couple of matches, but she proved her abilities on Friday night, with 16 points on her first 16 serves. The Lancers gaines 11 consecutive points upon Fatoohi’s turn to serve.

“It was a nice team effort and [a] good night to get some of their reserves in their,” Terrill explained.

Ex-PCC women’s basketball guard Emily Powell led the Beavers with seven digs, but Fatoohi (literally) somersaulted her way to a comeback of six digs.

Tying in with the team effort, Camille Ferguson and Janell Currier also highlighted the game with six kills each. Topping off the Lancers’ third set with a win, Emily Ahedo, a reserve defensive specialist, was one of the nine Lancers to record an ace, leaving the team with a total of 22.

“We knew we had to dominate both sides,” Collado stated. “It allowed us to gain a boost for upcoming games.”

Hoping to keep up with this aggressive energy, the Lancers will face East Los Angeles on October 3 in the Hutto-Patterson Gym at 6pm.

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