The men’s swimming team performed like a well-oiled machine on Friday, maintaining their speed from last week and pulling into first against LA Trade Tech, 207-36. But falling just behind Mt. SAC once again, 154-124.

The women’s swim team suffered the same fate as the men’s team, succumbing to Mt. SAC 166- 107, but defeated LA Trade Tech 134-120. Both teams felt good about their times today but are looking forward to returning to the pool to work harder.

Freshman Jocelyn Jo won two of her events. On the second win teammates cheered for her on the sidelines. encouraging her fervidly as ‘J-Jo’. At the end of the event, J-Jo heard her name announced but waited to hear her time before reacting to the news.

“We had a first meet [where] I had a decent time. I’m okay with that time. He”ll tell me what’s wrong with my stroke, how to fix it,” Jo said of working with head coach Terry Stoddard.

“Success to me in swimming, if takes you a minute to do your swim but it takes you fewer strokes, that’s success,” Stoddard added. “I have watched four thousand sunrises as Pasadena City College, that’s when we get up to practice. To me success is a good practice. Getting them to practice something they haven’t been able to do or can’t do, to me that’s the success.”

The comradery could be seen throughout the meet. Teammates waited for one another at the end of the lane to shout their name and run along the side shouting “Go! Go! Go!” The importance of teammates being there to encourage one another is as crucial as technique.

“There’s a lot more connection this year than last year, it makes me try harder.” sophomore Zachary Loomer said of the incoming freshmen as he watched his teammates with pride.

Michelle Cienega excelled in her events Friday, winning the 200 free and the 200 fly.

“When pain sets in. I tell myself, ‘one more.’ To really just push, one more. Forget what you’re feeling. Just keep going,” Cienega said.

The Lancers swim team continues to work hard at practice by showing up every day and giving it their all. Each stroke is for the team as they prepare for their conference and state competitions.

The coaching at Lancers women’s and men’s swim continues to breed focused swimmers who aim for their full potential not just for themselves but for the team as a whole.

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