Offense gets the glory, but in the end it really comes down to defense.
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Offense gets the glory, but in the end it really comes down to defense.

Miscommunication, and a lack of defensive stops led the softball team to its fifth loss of the season as it came up short 13-5 against Citrus College on Feb. 1. The Owl’s catcher Kawehi Ephan hit her second homerun ending the game early in the sixth inning.

The Lancers led Citrus in the top of the first 1-0 but a passed ball, catching error and home run by Ephan put PCC behind 4-1.

The second inning brought more challenges to PCC as no Lancers got on base. Outfield trouble and distractions on defense cost the Lancers seven runs bringing the score to 11-1.

“Mentally, as soon as one little error happened it shut us all down,” said sophomore outfielder Ashley Shaneberger. “We weren’t able to pick ourselves back up again. It was all-mental for our side.”

One play allowed two Owls to score, as freshman centerfielder Monica Enriquez caught the ball, but hesitated to throw it in.

“We made an error with the ball right in our gloves and then they scored two runs. You can’t do that,” said Assistant Coach Mary Geer

PCC fought back at the plate in the third inning

“Chip away a little each inning,” yelled no need to repeat full title Geer to the dugout. “We’ve got to get in the game.”

Geer’s words settled well. PCC came out strongest offensively as freshman second baseman Audrey Serna hit a homerun bringing in sophomore outfielder Ashley Shaneberger and freshman third baseman Katelyn Thordarson. Freshmen outfielder Vanessa Contreras scored on a passed ball as well. Serna had one hit and 3 RBIs against the Owls.

There were no points on the board for the Lancers after that inning.

“We hit the ball well, again, and continuously,” said Head Coach Brittany Williams. We did fight back, [and] didn’t just lay down completely and let them beat us, 13-1. [That] was good to see.”

Freshman pitcher Cierra Newton allowed 11 hits and six earned runs.

“We need to help our pitchers a lot,” said Shaneberger. “They had a great game. We’re just not helping them out defensively.”

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