The Lancers played their first non-tournament game at Glendale Community College on Nov. 23 before heading into their post Thanksgiving games, and although they had a great start in the first five minutes, the Lancers fell short due to Glendale’s homecourt advantage, unable to keep up with the their intensity through the course of the game.

The Lancers had an early 10-2 lead in the first five minute of the game, but once the Vaqueros started to find their rhythm the Lancers were unable to keep their shooters away from the 3-point arc. Dom Gully from Glendale, had 3 threes in the first half alone.

Although PCC’s Todd Barnes had a good individual game, including a chase down block at 11:01 on the clock on the first half against Glendale, other Lancers couldn’t seem to find the rim.

“I feel like we need to play more team ball, we had six assist as a team today and if we just come out and share the ball I think we would be successful,” freshman guard Skyler Williams said.

“Turnover was an issue for today, this game, and I believe you know next game we’ll turn around.”

Barnes had back-to-back monster dunks with 6:00 left on the clock in the first half to put the Lancers back within single digits, but the Vaqueros still lead the Lancers 39-27 at halftime.

The Lancers were outsized in the paint against Glendale and they were able to get a lot of second chances to put the shot into the basket against the Lancers. Though the Vaquero’s big men didn’t score much, their rebounding effort kept the Lancers from gaining momentum to have fast break opportunities.

Glendale had total of 47 rebounds as a team versus PCC’s 18.

“ We are always worried about rebounds, we are not really tall,” said Head Coach Michael Swanagan.

The Lancers couldn’t seem to create open opportunities for themselves to shoot the basketball or find the rhythm to make shots on open looks.

“We been off for three weeks we were rusty out there today, totally rusty we haven’t played since Ventura, so hopefully when we get back in the gym and get going we would be a lot better.” coach Swanagan said.

“We just didn’t play well tonight, we missed a lot of layups and missed open shots.”

The players were reluctant to take open shots, and even when shots were put up they were not going in. The Lancers are 37.5 percent from the field and only shot 3 of 11 from beyond the arc, while Glendale made 7 of their 15 threes.

The game got a little heated toward the ending of the game when words were exchanged between Glendale and Pasadena.

“We were being competitive, a little elbows got thrown … that’s how we play, you know this is basketball we shook hands after the game, hugged it out, stuff like that just competitive,” freshman guard William Johnson said.

Pasadena was able to find groove toward the last 10 minutes in the second half but committing costly turnovers kept the score gapped.

The Lancers matched Glendale in scoring in the second half, putting up 32 to Glendale’s 34, but the Lancers still walked off the court with a loss, 73 to 59.

“Offensively we just need to be effective, be more efficient, swing the ball around more,” Johnson said.

Players were frustrated after the game, and most agreed that they are not moving the ball as much as they should, and it seemed to be the factor that kept them from getting good looks on the court.

“I feel like the chemistry is mostly there, I feel like in the game the chemistry isn’t the same … on the court we just got to straighten things up.” Williams said.

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