As the game winded down during the ninth inning, Patrick Pena leaned in to pitch the ball, hurling it into the catcher’s mitt, snapping the Lancer’s 6-game losing streak with a 4-3 win against Compton.

After two unearned runs, the Lancers scored during the seventh inning, putting them ahead by 1, inspiring the team to play tough defense as well. The Lancers entered the ninth inning with a close score but persevered and came out strong.

Friday’s win came after the Lancer’s six losses but quickly strengthened the team with Race Gardner pitching five innings, allowing four hits, two runs, and six strikeouts.

“We got ahead early and a lot of [teams] normally decide to fall back. You just have to keep your foot on the pedal the whole time,” said Gardner.

The Lancers held their opponents to 3 runs, something they have not done since their February 28 game against Santa Barbara City College. They also balanced their defensive discipline with enough offensive consistency to come out on top Friday.

“We made a few errors in key moments in the last few games,” said Daniel Netz. “We just need to be better with being more consistent and making plays when we need to.”

Friday’s win provided momentum that continued on Monday, when the Lancer’s completed a 6-0 win against Cerritos. PCC made it a three-game streak on Tuesday with 9-5 win against East LA College.

“I tell the [team] to stay in the moment and have success,” said McGee. “It doesn’t have to be a hit or a homerun [but] one small push at a time, one small achievement.”

The Lancers will play next on Thursday, April 12 at Brookside Park against East LA College at 2:30 p.m.


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