The Lancers won their fifth game in a row against Long Beach with a score of 6-1 this past Tuesday at Robinson Park.

“We’ve been playing good softball, we won four in a row, the game plan today was to continue to do what we were doing,” head coach Monica Tantlinger stated. “We wanted to make sure that we had good quality at bats so I wasn’t necessarily looking for a bunch of base hits, I was just looking for a good approach and solid contact.”

During the bottom of the first inning, Olivia Nanez singled out toward left field. Samantha Diaz hit a double toward left-center field, Nanez scored the first run of the game. Diaz stole third base. Katelyn Wooton popped a fly ball to center field, which allowed Diaz to score.

The Vikings would score against the Lancers during the top of the third inning. At the bottom of the third, Nanez walked. Diaz hit toward shortstop and Nanez was out at second. Diaz saw an opportunity to steal second base and took it. Katelyn Wooton grounded toward the pitcher and Diaz stole third base. The Vikings’ shortstop made an error that allowed Austyn Helmuth to make it to first base and for Diaz to steal home base. The Lancers wrapped the third inning up with a score of 3-1.

James Membreno/ Courier
Danielle Ruiz jumps to make the catch on Tuesday March 8, 2020 at Jackie Robinson Park in Pasadena, Calif.

At the top of the fifth, pitcher Elena Bahnimtewa was switched out with Helmuth. In the bottom of the fifth inning, Diaz batted a single line drive and saw the opportunity to steal once again. Wooton popped a fly ball toward center field but was then caught. With one out, Diaz stole third base. Next batter was Helmuth, who hit the ball toward right field and was dropped by the Vikings’ right fielder. Diaz scored yet again for the third time, now 4-1.

“The plan today was to hit my corners, just to really paint the corners and spin the ball really well,” expressed pitcher Bahnimtewa.

With the Lancers in the lead, the sixth inning was the cherry on top. Jennie Chacon batted a single and advanced to first base. Valley Febles, hit a single toward left field. Soon after, Nanez hit a single toward left field and the bases were now loaded. Diaz hit a sacrifice fly ball to center. Chacon advanced to home plate, scoring the 5th run of the game. Wooton and Helmuth were both walked due to being hit by the pitch. The bases were loaded and Febles scored the 6th run after Miranda Padilla hit a single toward the pitcher.

“Today we were focusing on just getting those quality at bats, last time we played them we mercied them but we still weren’t going to take them lightly so we’re just making sure we have our foot on the gas pedal,” said captain and shortstop Danielle Ruiz.

The game ended with Long Beach striking out in the seventh inning, with a score of 6-1. The Lancers’ fifth win in a row. The Lancers will be playing an away game against LA Harbor Thursday, March 12 at 3 pm.

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