PCC yet again landed another 2 victories against the El Camino Warriors on Friday in back to back matches, winning the first game 11-0 and the second 11-1.

Despite only having 5 players, the Warriors put up a decent fight, but were unable to overthrow the currently undefeated Lancers. The Lancers were able to keep the Warriors from winning all but a single match in the second game. This kept the Lancers in the top spot of the division to compete in the the finals.

“We’re going to play our best,” said coach Jennifer Ho. “It’s going to be a challenge, but of course we have a chance [to win the playoffs].”

“I feel like we all trained really hard,” said freshman Jessica Lee. “We train outside [of PCC] too; we play on our own at clubs ourselves, so I feel like we’re ready.”

However, this will be the last year for some of the players, including freshman Grace Bajar, who was recently accepted into UCLA to continue her math degree.

“[Badminton] was the first thing I looked up on [UCLA’s] website,” said Bajar. “I’m not going to go there and not play badminton.”

The Lancers take on Irvine Valley College this Wednesday in the first game in the Southern California championships.

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