The Lancer baseball team stumbled in an 11-3 loss against Grossmont College, Thursday at Brookside Junior Field.

With baseball’s conference games right around the corner, PCC’s baseball team is still struggling to fire on all cylinders, which consist of offense, defense, and pitching.

However, Head Coach Evan O’Meara believes this is, “The most talented team in my eight years of coaching…”

The Lancers (2-8) struggled early on against Grossmont College Gryphon’s (4-6), while pitcher Brett Smith (1-2) gave up four runs by the end of the third inning. In the third inning PCC gave up four hits, two of which were doubles hit first by Wesley Wallace and then Braden Peters, giving Grossmont an early lead.

The defense for Lancers also had problems while spectators noticed the lack of communication between players, resulting in two unforced errors and seven steals by the Gryphon’s.

PCC finally started playing with a purpose by getting their first run in the seventh inning and adding two more in the ninth. Brandon Spicer was the catalyst for PCC offense, getting on base 2 times and scoring both times.

“Right now our defense and offense do not seem to be on the same page,” said Matt Chavez, first basemen majoring in sociology. “And that was the case for the Grossmont game.”

O’Meara said he has seen the team play brilliantly in their offense, defense and pitching, but all at separate times. O’Meara used the Glendale game played on February 18th, in which the Lancers won 5-4, as an example how well the team could perform.  “If the team can put all three together at the same time…they will win a lot of baseball games.” O’Meara said.

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