The Lancers’ basketball team started off the season with a “Night of Madness” on Oct. 3.

The women’s basketball team started the event and came out for an improptu dance performance.

Team members performed incredibly in sync with one another. Afterwards, the team formed itself a dance circle, where each member boogied in the center. The performance ended with a huddle where they hollered out their chant usually done before games. 

The madness contained multiple events including the slam-dunk contest which grasped the crowd’s full attention throughout the night.

The men’s basketball team showcased their hard hitting talent above the rim, but overall, their slam dunking skills proved to be all right.

The men’s basketball team then had a scrimmage match, pitting white jerseys against the black.

There were some vicious plays made during the bout, but it was obvious that the players were having a great time playing their team mates.

The game was close resulting in the black team scoring 17 points over the white’s 13.

Afterwards, the Lancers demonstrated great sportsmanship to each other.

A three-point shooting contest between both the men and women basketball team followed and had a thrilling outcome.

The men’s basketball team won the contest three games to two with their female compatriarchs putting up a good fight to the finish.

The final game came down to its very last shot.

 “I think we are going to have a good season,” Head Men’s Basketball Coach Mike Swanegan said in an interview. ”It just depends on how quickly these guys mature.”

With 12 freshmen on the roster, Swanegan said that the whole team will be centered around them for this season.

The season will be tough, Swanegan said. 

“Our league is full of good teams,” he said. “There isn’t really a bad team. Every game will be a good game for us. We’ve got to find a way to win. All of [the games] will be tough.”

“Night of Madness” had a variety of events to start off the season, including the slam-drunk contest. (Daniel Nerio / Courier )

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