After a dominant display on the field against Allan Hancock College a top contender, PCC’s bad play calls handed the Lancers a fourth straight loss in their first conference game Saturday night, in a 27-21 loss in overtime at Robinson stadium.

“I made some bad calls and I went for a fake field goal right before the [halftime]. I shouldn’t have done that,” head coach Steve Mojarro said. “I put the [players] in a bad situation also on the punts we had two punt blocks and those [were] my fault. I should have made the adjustments after the first punt and we just didn’t have enough time to comeback and make that adjustment.”

In the first quarter of the game after 2 plays, PCC’s quarterback Mario Bobadilla threw a complete pass to wide receiver Bryan Torres who rushed the ball 5 yards into AHC’s goal line scoring the first touchdown for the Lancers at minute 8:39.

The Lancers’ energy and momentum in the field spilled onto the stands as roaring students along the marching band cheered for a dominant PCC.

As the Lancers carried the drive of the game into the start of the second quarter, Bobadilla connected with wide receiver Drew Pendleton who completed the pass and ran the ball for 24 yards into AHC’s goal line, scoring the second touchdown for the Lancers, and kept that score going into halftime.

PCC’s play call on a punt return in the third quarter gave AHC an opportunity to score their first touchdown when the Lancer’s kicker Jonathan Borashan’s punt was blocked by AHC’s defensive line Seth Matthysse who ran the ball 16 yards into the Lancer’s goal line.

At that point in the game AHC started to build confidence against PCC and capitalized on the Lancer’s mistakes with Matthysse blocking Borashan’s punt return for a second time. The punt block allowed AHC to run the ball against PCC’s defense with two plays from running back Jaden Vargas who rushed for 5 yards into the Lancer’s goal line and scored a second touchdown for AHC tying the game 14-14.

“[AHC] is the top region team coming in and we have to fix the little mistakes that are killing us,” defensive line Ramon Lopez stated. “At the end it was all mistakes on our part I guess.”

In the fourth quarter the Lancers responded as Bobadilla threw a complete pass to wide receiver Forest Fajardo and ran the ball for 33 yards, scoring the leading touchdown for PCC.

With the score 21-14 the Lancers pressured to stay on top, but AHC’s quarterback Thomas Carr threw to Isaa Bausley who ran the ball 9 yards to tie the game 21-21, forcing it into overtime.

After three more drives and coming short 4 yards from a first down at AHC’s 17-yard line, PCC lost possession of the ball and allowed Carr to make 3 plays connecting with Vargas who rushed the ball 23 yards into the Lancer’s goal line scoring the winning touchdown.

“We just started calling plays that weren’t working and we all had mental brain farts it just fell apart. We [must] practice and try to finish a game where we’re not on a situation trying to win at the end,” Bobadilla said. “We could’ve executed on special teams a little better, it costed us the game.”

The Lancers play their next conference game against Pierce College Saturday at 4.

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