Interim track and field coach Bobby Godinez accepted the vacant head football coaching position at East Los Angeles College to take effect in the 2016-2017 season.

Godinez plans to finish the season at PCC because he said he has a commitment to the school, the athletic director, and the student-athletes on the team.

“Any time that you get and take a job that is of a high priority somewhere, it’s a good thing,” Godinez said. “So I’m definitely excited about it. I went through the process last year and ultimately ended up here … you are never sure about what opportunities might lay around the corner. This one was presented to my face and I took it.”

His road to PCC started last year when the head football coaching position opened for candidates. Though he didn’t get hired for the position, he started teaching kinesiology before being named the interim track and field coach.

PCC Athletic Director Tony Barbone made it clear that he is happy for Godinez.

“Bobby, like all professionals as well as young upcoming professionals … are chasing their dream, just like our student-athletes are chasing their dream,” Barbone said. “This is part of Coach Godinez’ dream to be a head football coach. So we’re happy for him and grateful for his service.”

Though his new position is an interim job, he hopes to get an opportunity at a full time position.

Godinez has already started recruiting at schools for ELAC, but made sure to include that he is juggling both positions.

“I just started [recruiting for ELAC],” Godinez said. “I’m still recruiting track and cross country athletes here for the benefit of the program. I have some good assistant coaches here that are able to help me with that.”

According to East Los Angeles College Campus News, ELAC’s football coach last season, Eric Marty, resigned amid allegations of damaging fire alarms in his office.

ELAC Athletic Director Allen Cone said after their coach’s resignation, they discovered Godinez still had an interest in the position. After speaking to Barbone, approval was given to offer Godinez the job.

“As in all coaching changes, there will be those that choose to leave, those that choose to stay, and those undecided … As the A.D., I believe he and his staff will do a great job,” Cone said. “He is a self-starter, a hard worker, and he follows directions well. His staff is mature and has great coaching backgrounds. I can’t wait to get the season underway!”

Godinez is looking forward to the team’s first game, and due to the change in football divisions, ELAC and Pasadena are now in the same division.

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