Closed fields, no ‘on field’ practices has been keeping the athletes in an indoor bubble for the past 6 months. As COVID continues to impact sports, players and coaches aim to find ways to stay engaged and prepare for an upcoming season. The softball team hopes to have a season but the high risks of the coronavirus has made players hesitate to engage in competition.

“I’m already nervous to go back as it is and don’t really want to risk it but once we get cleared to return I’ll be back,” said pitcher Austyn Helmuth.

Due to the current circumstances, the lack of guaranteed safety isn’t making the situation better for players. Most of the athletes are thinking about their future and most of them believe it’s not worth the risk to have a season. Some believe it’s best right now to stay away from each other until the virus is completely gone.

“I would not carry on with the risk… it’s best to be socially distant from others and to stay healthy, there is always going to be life after COVID if you protect yourself,” said third basemen Samantha Diaz.

During these horrendous times, players have taken accountability to get their on field work done by themselves. Most of the players have taken upon themselves to get their throwing and hitting in whenever they have time to do so. The players have taken pride in keeping their skills up at a very high level as their season is at a halt.

“I still go to the field to practice cause I miss it and wanna stay in shape,” said catcher Jennie Chacon.

“It’s a little difficult because you always at least need one other person to help but we find ways to do it on our own,” said Diaz.

The lady lancers are still trying to bond with their teammates and coaches in the safest way possible. The coaches have stayed involved and connected with their players by going online to help their athletes stay active. These players do vigorous activities to stay healthy on zoom, group me, and even text.

“We have team zoom calls three times a week… we’re able to socialize with one another to do team practices and workouts to stay active,” said Diaz. “It’s a way for our coaches to see our progression during practice.”

Zoom has also been used for the players academic side to make sure every player is doing well in school. The coaches make it a point of emphasis for them to attend a zoom meeting to make sure they get their school work done.

“…We have a zoom team study hall one hour a week so we can still bond with each other and get our work done ,” said Chacon.

The Lancer softball team might not be ready to carry on and play but they are continuing to find ways to prepare when it’s safe and clear to do so.

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