The Pasadena City College (PCC) baseball team has had a strong pre-season, and this past Saturday’s game they continued that strength as they crushed the formidable rival Fullerton 6-0 in a pre-season game.

The whole team has been performing stronger recently as they increasingly work as a team. Starting pitcher, sophomore Josh Aguilar, set the tone for the Fullerton game with his excellent and effective pitching.

The starting pitching has been one of the strongest parts of the team, according to head coach Patrick McGee.

“I think we’ve continued to grow and develop and get better,” said McGee. “It was slow going at the beginning, but after 14 games, I’m proud of the development of the team.”

The team’s strategy to have success in conference was by having a rigorous pre-season.

“A lot of it was preparation, physically and mentally, focusing on the basics,” said Aguilar. “And that’s pretty much it.”

Aguilar also talked about the team working together, beyond the sheer number of practice hours each player put into practice.

“All around we were a cohesive unit. We were able to pitch, hit, get everything done right,” said Aguilar. “It all came together in the game.”

Sophomore Nico Martinez talked about how the team was getting more competitive as the season moves to conference play. Martinez usually plays third base, but is listed as a “utility player,” which means he can move around to different field positions.

“We played three playoff teams, three really good teams, and we came out 2-1, and I think we played really well in all of the games,” said Martinez. “I’m just really proud of our team for that.”

Martinez also noted being impressed by the bullpen in this past game, especially Aguilar, “who did a phenomenal job in the game” and had helped the team “tremendously.”

The first conference game will be this Thursday at 2:00 pm against El Camino College.

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