On May 23, 2018, Lancers’ baseball coach Pat McGee, was promoted to a permanent position as head coach as well as a professor of Kinesiology on campus.

This promotion is set to yield several significant changes in Coach McGee’s work schedule and lifestyle. For instance, as a full time coach, McGee will receive an office on campus, a significant benefit to both him and the team, in his eyes.

“It’s a benefit for our students to have their coach around on campus,” Mcgee said.

As for how this change in positions will affect him, Coach McGee recognized how much time will be alleviated from his daily commute.

“I’m spending less time driving around SoCal and can centralize my efforts,” Mcgee said. “Its gonna free me up.”

Prior to this full time position, Coach McGee had worked as an adjunct professor for 4 years, as well a teacher at Vernon Middle School for 21 years, in addition to coaching at PCC.

Coach Mcgee had become aware of the position, which will open this fall, and proceeded through a rigorous three round interview process to secure it. The process became particularly hectic when the final interview was scheduled on the same day as a PCC baseball game,“I had to hustle from the final interview to the game,” McGee recalls.

Mcgee hopes that this change in position, enables him to spend more time with his wife and two young children.

“My wife has really championed my cause, she bore the brunt of family responsibilities,” McGee said.

Mcgee aims to repay his wife’s sacrifices now that his schedule is less crowded by this new position, but concedes, “Baseball will still be a huge responsibility.”

Coach Mcgee is pleased with the status of the team and their progress this season.

“We had a lot of obstacles to overcome,” Mcgee said. “We went a long way in terms of development and growth.”

Coach Mcgee credits much of his success to the support and dedication of his coaching staff.

“I’ve been blessed to have a great coaching staff,” McGee said. “The support of my staff has allowed me to transition from a teaching job to the field, seamlessly.”

He added that despite some personal tragedies and injuries sustained by members of the team, the team has performed well. He also expects continued improvement and asserts the team’s interest is in playoff and championship success.


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