The women’s badminton team triumphed over El Camino College on Friday at home in their 39th consecutive conference victory, when the match ended in a staggering 19 to 2 victory for PCC.

Concepcion Gonzalez / Courier
Alice Lieu gets ready to serve the shuttlecock to her El Camino College opponent on March 23.

On the victory, Coach Bill Sanchez expressed his satisfaction with the results but feels that there is always room for improvement.

“Our team motto is ‘always better tomorrow than we are today’,” said Sanchez.

The game, which began in a very casual manner, seemed more like a practice than a match with Sanchez’s strategy going into it being to play the less experienced players at the top to give them some training.

“We’re trying to push their levels and have some of the kids that play at the bottom play at the top so they get some experience, maybe get beat. It gives them experience,” said Sanchez.

Alice Liew, freshman felt the playing time helped her make improvements in her game.

“I’ve been rusty [and] it’s been helpful to just play more,” said Liew.

Lettermen Angie Ortiz also feels that in order to make improvement in badminton players need to face a superior opponent.

“That’s usually how you learn in badminton, you play better people. We all need a little challenge to get better,” said Ortiz.

PCC suffered an injury during a doubles match, which resulted in El Camino’s second point due to forfeit. The player injured was lettermen Grace Espinoza, who had just recovered from knee surgery. On the injury, Sanchez commented that it was not too serious and she will return.

“She’s coming off knee surgery but the trainer doesn’t think it’s anything. [It’ll] slow her down for a week or so,” said Sanchez.

The Lancer’s next match will be at home against East Los Angeles on March 27. at 3 p.m.

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  1. Go Badminton! Regardless of who wins,it’s a plus for this phenomenal sport for men and women alike. Each gender brings their subtle skills to this truly galvanizing Olympic sport. Remember the great cardio and conditioning benefits of it as well.
    I’ve been fortunate to be involved with Badminton most of my life and feel truly blessed. On the other hand I cringe when realizing that a lot more people would be involved with it,if only they had the right exposure . Over the years I have seen world class players live from close up,so close that I’ve had sweat splashed on me (unwittingly) in the heat of the competition. I considered it a blessing(non-religious but close) and I’ve played it at a fairly high level as well and obviously benefitted from it exponentially. It is so much more than just gratifying,when I am able to humiliate athlete/players twenty years younger and perhaps fitter. Enough about me,but more about you young players. Congrats and the best of luck to all that keep the Badminton flag flying high! Stay well and stay fit! Regards, Arun

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