Our racquet flinging, shuttlecock-bashing Lancers certainly didn’t let the beautiful shores of San Diego distract them from a successful run through the San Diego Mesa tournament, lifting PCC’s badminton team to high ranks in both the doubles and singles.

Zin Win Maw and Rebecca Tzou took 1st place in doubles, outdoing teammates Carmina Ortiz and Eugenia Mendez. Additionally, Tzou also claimed 2nd place in singles while Thu Nguyen became the consolation runner up.

“Overall the team did great,” said head coach Jennifer Ho, who is in her first year as head coach of the badminton team. PCC competed against the likes of San Diego City College, San Diego Mesa College, and Grossmont College at the tourney.

For Maw, it was ironic to meet Ortiz and Mendez at the finals round, where they trumped the duo at 21-10, 21-8.

“All of us were focusing on beating other schools that we weren’t aware of the chance to play against each other in the final,” she said.

For Tzou, there were no hard feelings when she met Ortiz and Mendez at the finish line.

“I am obviously really glad they made it to finals,” Tzou said. “But I treat all my opponents the same. I play my best to win.”

According to Maw, PCC’s badminton team may have been successful at the tournament because of practices as single players.

“It was easy playing doubles because we had a strong team,” Maw said. “We have been practicing together so we didn’t have much difficulties when playing doubles. But our opponents are individually strong. It was kind of fortunate they weren’t prepared for doubles.”

Maw and Tzou have only partnered up a only twice for the season, but it’s brought them victory thus far. This is all thanks to Ho’s matchmaking, which fits them according to chemistry.

“We work really well together,” Tzou said. “We cover each other and set up for each other. I am very glad that she is my partner.”

“We are like a perfect match,” Maw echoed. “Her weakness is my strength and my weakness is her strength.”

According to Maw, their relationship and court chemistry is give and take. Maw is good at setting up points while Rebecca takes the opportunity to finish off bouts with smashes.

In addition to the doubles award, Tzou also took 2nd place in singles. She took on Gina Niph of San Diego City College and put up a good battle. She succumbed to Niph at 21-19, 21-17.

“She is a smart singles player,” Tzou said. “She hit good shots and I missed a few.”

The team this year is strong, said Ho, so much in fact that they’ve downright slaughtered El Camino, Compton, and longtime rivals East Los Angeles thus far. Ho says that she actually keeps her better players back from those bouts and using them in tournaments, while opting for her 2nd string of players.

“I knew I had to prepare them for San Diego City,” Ho said. “I knew they were going to be vicious. They’re the school we have to beat. And also, De Anza. They were last year’s state champions.”

But despite having strong competition, Ho is still impressed with the turnout of the tournament.

“I’m happy with how they played,” she said. “But we’re going to work harder.”














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