Depending on if you’re a football fan or not, your view on an NFL team coming to Los Angeles may differ. From an unemployment standpoint, the $1 billion stadium planning to be built is a great idea because it can give many people jobs.

Improving unemployment numbers is always a positive thing to see, and the new stadium can also improve visitors’ experience if they aren’t interested in viewing a basketball, baseball, or hockey game.

According to Mayor Eric Garcetti in his radio show on KNX-AM, Los Angeles isn’t willing to put any money into the stadium due to past experiences.

“Los Angeles is not interested in subsidizing a stadium,” he said. “Los Angeles is a great city, and great cities should have a football team, [but] I am not going to be like other mayors and put everything into getting a team.”

Los Angeles had great legacies with the Raiders and Rams, so if the owners bring back one or both of those teams, it will relive the past, start new legacies, and make the city excited about a home football team once again.

To make the situation even more possible, according to an article by Dakota Smith in the Los Angeles Daily News, St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke has a 60-acre parcel in Inglewood that can be made into a stadium if he decides the move would be wise.

On October 18, the two-year deal between Anschutz Entertainment Group, who owns the Staples Center and Convention Center, and the City of Los Angeles will expire and AEG is hoping to extend it in hopes to bring a team to the city within the next year.

In a letter sent to Garcetti, City Council President Herb Wesson, and Councilman Curren Price, the plans for the new stadium is their main concern while if the deal isn’t renewed, AEG is planning on redesigning and expanding the Convention Center. AEG is reported to offer $750,000 to fund the work.

In an article by the City News Service from the Los Angeles Daily News, if the two parties don’t reach an agreement, it is reported, “AEG plans to invest $600,000 … to fund the design of an alternative plan … and for a potential 750-room hotel. AEG also offered to pay $150,000 to cover the city’s costs of reviewing the plans.”

A few of the problems many are looking at include parking in an area that is already a headache, tailgating in the current parking garages underground is inconvenient and unsafe if barbequing is involved, and most importantly, how much will it cost the city to house this stadium. Only the future can tell.

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