One Reply to “VOICES: Are online courses as good as in-person classes?”

  1. I am a single mom and an older, returning student. For me, online classes are a godsend. I used to live across the street from PCC. Now I live in Hermosa Beach, near LAX. If I have to drive to class, I lose up to 4 hours in just driving both ways (depending on the traffic and time of day) and finding parking. With online courses, I turn on my computer anytime of the day or night (yes, I do burn the midnight oil most nights) and start working. My schedule is very hectic with work and raising two teenagers. I am hoping to finish my bachelor’s degree in Business all online! But I would only recommend this if the student is disciplined enough to make themselves sit down and do their study and work. If they can, it offers many, many options!

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