One Reply to “VOICES: Should women be allowed to take on combat roles in the military?”

  1. First of all, women in combat is a far deeper issue than gender equality or being physically able. When introducing a female in to a real combat situation, you must first introduce them in to a real combat training program. Whether anyone admits it or not, training can be strenuous and physically abusive. If instructors have to worry about going to jail or losing rank for abusing a female, they have been rendered ineffective for females and males. This will lead to a “Softer” military. It sounds harsh, but it is the truth. Please do not try and pretend like abuse during training is wrong, because that is called naivety. Also, if women do make it through training, there becomes a situation in combat where leaders have to worry about the abuse issue, sexual harassment, and (this is where people will hate me) the tendency to challenge orders or disregard them entirely. If a man does this to me, he gets put down. If it is a female, I have to make the decision between other lives or risking losing my rank and possible prison time. Don’t believe me? Look at Jessica Lynch. Proclaimed as an American hero but, in truth, she disobeyed a direct order and lead her convoy to SLAUGHTER. She then gets out and makes money writing a book about it. If a male did this, he’d still be in the brig.

    Another thing, if you even consider putting females in combat, consider holding them to the same standard as males. Currently, females do not do the same things for physical fitness tests as males. “Well it’s not fair, they aren’t built the same way as males” <—say this and make my point for me.

    Lastly, people saying they were in the military and had a "Staff" were never in combat. Your opinion is as valid as if I had asked the guy working the register at Burger King if he wanted to take females to combat.

    I believe this question should be asked to people who KNOW something about combat, instead of people who FEEL something about gender equality.

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