Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, terrifying its citizens, alerting world leaders and the entire world. Vladimir Pudin, Russia’s president, has been escalating his invasion of Ukraine in recent weeks. The Washington Post reports the US, along with other nations, has imposed sanctions against Russia and has risen to Ukraine’s aid, not with US troops, but by equipping Ukraine with supplies to help them fight against Russia. The United States’ role in the Ukrainian conflict should be limited to delivering humanitarian help, ammunition, and sanctions against Russia. The United States should avoid war as much as they can.

Here’s what we know: NATO, which includes nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Poland, as well as 27 other countries, has stayed out of the fight. Keeping in mind that the US (as part of NATO) is supplying military weapons to defend itself against Russia, as well as imposing sanctions like the oil and gas energy bands that our president Biden has established to help stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This was said in president Biden twitter account “Russia oil will no longer be acceptable at U.S ports and the American People will deal another Powerful Blow to Putin”. We are bound to protect NATO countries and considering Ukraine is not a part of the treaty, precautions should be taken before we involve ourselves with conflicts outside of the US.

According to the New York Times, our Vice President Kamala Harris has headed to Poland to determine NATO’s role in 0 Ukrainian invasion and whether there would be any engagement other than applying sanctions. Military engagement should be avoided at all costs. According to physicist Alex Glaser there would be “2.6 immediate casualties” within a span 3 hours if a nuclear bomb were to strike. Considering Putin has his hand over the nuclear button, it’s imperative we avoid any nuclear warfare. The number of lives lost would permeate throughout the globe.

Social media sites, as well as news outlets, have shown us how much the people of Ukraine are suffering and, tragically, fleeing to safe havens, while other photographs and videos have given us scenes of Ukrainian civilians in bunkers attempting to live throughout this conflict. Granted this is tragic, yet we still need to remain mindful of how we approach the conflict.

The first point worth mentioning is Vladimir Putin’s threats, in which he states, “who ever would try to stop us and created further threats to our country, to our people should know that Russia response will be immediate and leave you to such consequences that you have never face in history.”

If the United States and other NATO countries become involved, it will be the start of World War 3. The Russian president’s remark about “consequences” most certainly refers to the use of nuclear weapons. The number of victims, let alone a nuclear war, can result in such horrors for both the US and Russia. The outbreak of a war implies that a lot of money is flowing into the war, and because of the epidemic, many countries are not stable when it comes to the state of the economy.

The US could deploy troops to Ukraine. I am confident in our country’s assistance, resources, and technology that would assist Ukraine in stopping the invasion, but we would know what it would imply . There are no winners in a massive world war. Civilians are the ones that suffer the most. We are seeing this today with Ukraine.

We should do our best to avoid a world war against Russia, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t help Ukraine maintain a strong front against Russia by sending as much aid as possible, providing for Ukrainian citizens to receive as much assistance as possible, as well as assistance to citizens who want to leave Ukraine and take refuge in other countries. We should continue sanctioning Russia to do as much as possible to reduce their economy to support their invasion with hopes that they will stop this invasion.

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