Trump shows the complete opposite of what my expectations of what a president is supposed to represent, and specifically after hearing he had a woman saying what seems to be truth about an affair he had with her years before his election.

A woman by the name of Stormy Daniels has come forward and said she received $130,000 from Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen in order to get her to keep quiet about an alleged affair that occured back in 2006-2007.

Since this came to light, I asked myself why it wasn’t a big deal. Why weren’t Republicans having an uproar about the potential of the President having had this woman paid off to keep quiet?

Likely because Republicans don’t want their political party slandered all over media outlets. However, they didn’t have a problem slandering the Democrats’ reputation.

Let’s not forget the scandal Bill Clinton created for himself when he was in office on January 26, 1998 and he admitted to having an affair with Monica Lewinsky. It’s a scandal that’s known by many and it was one that was brought up during the 2016 presidential election when Hillary Clinton was running.

Although Trump denies the allegation, isn’t it enough to spark that curiosity within all of us to know more about what actually happened? Why was such a large sum of money given to Daniels?

There’s this double standard that I’m seeing quite frequently when it comes to Trump’s term in office thus far compared to other presidents, specifically Democrats. He has done things to spark so much hatred in this country, has the allegation of an affair up in the air and a variety of people angry about the immigration reform. Yet still there are the Trump supporters that don’t see any wrong on his part.

Instead, praise is given to this man and they are backing up his every action. Many of which are questionable to plenty.

60 Minutes’ just recently had an interview with Daniels in regards to the affair allegation and the money paid to her with terms of her keeping quiet that aired on Sunday March 25, 2018. Anderson Cooper asked her a plethora of questions in regards to why she took the money and who was threatening her; one of her answers that instantly intrigued me was, “They can make your life hell in many different ways,” said Daniels about believing it was Michael Cohen who was going to make her life hell.

Now knowing that this was a threat Daniels had to endure and is finally speaking out about in a sense makes me proud of her for coming out about the truth. It’s important for all American citizens to know what this administration is capable of doing and saying when it comes to keeping secrets.

The lone fact of Trump having an affair isn’t something I necessarily care about because what that man did in his past is the least of my worries. However, it intrigues me to know why there was hush money given to this porn star. It makes absolutely no sense to me to pay someone to keep quiet about an allegation that has no truth to it. All this does is make me question to what extent his administration and himself will go to in order to keep his name from being slandered continuously. America should be asking furiously for truthful answers to these type of allegations, not sitting back and letting this go.


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